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Perfectly Looping and Psychedelic Trippy GIFs (Photo Gallery) - Third Monk

Perfect paper airplane setup : gifs ....Wonderfest Gifts {} We have scoured the world for “hard to find” gifts that are unique, fun and most... Read More

Donald Trump's amazing 24 hour healthcare flip flop

Washington (CNN) On Tuesday afternoon at a news conference with the Greek Prime Minister, President Donald Trump was asked about the Affordable Care Act and... Read More

DNE volumes big boost to Wonderful Citrus supply

Delano, Calif.-based Wonderful Citrus says it has taken a giant step forward with its recent acquisition of a major Florida grower-shipper. In February Wonderful Citrus... Read More

Amanda Green Unveils Plans for Her Amazing Colossal Sh*t Sheaux in NYC

Broadway songwriter and singer Amanda Green plans engagingly titled cabaret performance Amanda Green's Amazing Colossal Sh*t Sheaux 7 PM November 13 at Birdland in New... Read More

Legal weed is an amazing business opportunity for women

Jane West is all about Mary Jane. The former corporate-event planner from the suburbs of Denver, Colorado founded an eponymous cannabis lifestyle brand and a... Read More

Wonderful Co

plans big, integrated fall promotions The has plans for big fall in-store promotions for its Halos citrus, national media for Wonderful pistachios and a digital... Read More

Trump says he will 'always be' with 'wonderful people of Puerto Rico'

A day after suggesting he would pull federal aid from hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, President Donald Trump tried Friday to provide assurance that he will "always... Read More

North Korea owes its nukes to the amazing, flexible CNC mill

Since the 1990s, North Korea has aggressively pursued development -- and importation -- of CNC mills, the ubiquitous makerspace staples that automatically machine complex forms... Read More

All these memes..

<< ..that we're looking at instead of actually being in a relationship ....Wonderfest Gifts {} We have scoured the world for “hard to find” gifts... Read More

I'm definitely sharing this on my Quotev! (Don't worry I'll make sure to disown the lyrics) ....Wonderfest Gifts {} We have scoured the world for... Read More



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